SLINGSHOT’S Tech Talk – Rally GT Kite Download

 The ALL NEW Rally GT is the evolution of our most popular kite of years past


The Rally GT’s three strut design is an evolution of the Rally, designed to provide increased versatility and user-friendly performance to all riders. One of the most significant changes to the new Rally GT is the three-strut, Future Retro C shaped canopy design, trimmed down from five struts and a higher-aspect shape of previous Rally models. The GT’s stubby, low aspect design is light weight, playful and incredibly versatile. The stubby design gives it fast, pivoty turning and a smooth sheet and go power delivery that users will quickly grow to love.  When we designed this kite, we were aiming for ease of use and friendly steering and handling- certainly not a beginner-specific kite, but one that anyone, beginner through expert, could put in the air and feel comfortable with instantly.

One of the most exciting features on the new Rally GT is the segmented swept wing tip design. The segmented and swept wing tip provides a lot of structural stability, aids in responsiveness and the turning capabilities and makes relaunching about as easy as you could imagine.

The Rally GT is equipped with our patented IRS bridle. The IRS bridle (short for Intuitive Response System), is an innovative bungee bridle system that from the lineage of the RPM. The IRS bridle is what gives the Rally GT such incredible turning characteristics-  rather than using a pulley to travel on the bridle lines, the IRS features a bungee that stretches and contracts to keep the kite properly engaged as it flies through the window.



Technical features:

Bridle: The Rally GT features a four-point IRS bridle that gives the kite a friendly, predictable feel, fast turning speed and the sheet-and-go performance riders of all levels will love. Like all Slingshot kites, the Rally GT features multiple attachment points on the leading and trailing edge that allow you to customize the kite’s feel and performances based on personal preferences and every-changing conditions.

4×4 canopy tech: The Rally GT features Slingshot’s signature “Bombproof Construction”, which includes a new 4×4 canopy material that is stiffer, stronger and more durable than ever. 4×4 canopy features a four-way cross grid that gives the material added strength, stress and load tolerance and increased durability and tear resistance.

Split Strut: Split Strut is a patented Slingshot innovation that integrates the struts into the span of the canopy, rather than simply sewing the canopy material over the struts. Split Strut gives the canopy significantly more structural stability, high wind/load tolerance and durability, which translates to a higher-performing, more stable, more versatile kite that will hold up no matter what conditions you encounter.

One Pump: A Slingshot patent that has made its way to most kites on the market, One Pump connects the leading edge and strut bladders through a series of tubes that allows for quick and easy setup/breakdown and isolation clips that close off the system while you’re on the water. One Pump is one of those little details that make a world of difference when you’re in a hurry to get out and play.

Bombproof build: 4×4 canopy material, Dacron leading and trailing edges, Kevlar reinforcements and scuff guards, surf-tough seams and panel layout, to name a few. There’s a reason Slingshot kites hold their value so well.

Just like all the other kites in our line, this features bomber Slingshot construction. That’s something that we stand by. This is a really high-quality product.

The objective when developing the Rally GT was to develop the most versatile platform for any kiteboarder on the market. We want it to be user-friendly, so that anybody can pick up this kite and instantly feel comfortable on it. That means easy upwind, tons of range and depower and fantastic relaunch on one side of the spectrum, as well as good jumping and looping and foil, surf and freestyle crossover performance. The stubby, low aspect shape makes the Rally GT a jack of all trades kite that’s going to deliver performance to riders of all levels and disciplines.