Surf Foil Mount Explained: Pedestal vs. Tuttle

Learn the top three benefits of an adjustable track/pedestal for your surf foil board vs. a fix position Tuttle box. Get the right surf foil mount and you will enjoy the freedom of your own stance forever.

Here’s Why:

All surfers are not created equal, and in foiling, even small variations, can translate to big differences in how your foil performs. Height and weight, stance preferences, ability levels, wave conditions and performance demands (to name a few) are all important factors to consider when dialing in your surf foil setup.

That’s why a board with a track mounting system makes so much sense. It isn’t rocket science- if you can adjust the position of the foil on your board, you can customize your ride based on your hanging needs. If the mount is fixed, you’re stuck.

Adjustable is better for learning:

One of the most common hurdles beginner foilers have to get over is learning to control front-foot pressure to keep the foil from shooting out of the water. Having the ability to move your foil all the way back on the track is a big help- it moves the front wing back in relation to your stance, which in turn puts more of your weight forward over the foil. Once you get over the learning stage, moving the foil forward a few notches on the track will make a big difference in your progression.

Adjustable is better for YOU:

You’re not made from a mold. Your height, size, shape, weight, stance, riding style, and ability level all make a difference in the ideal placement of the foil on your board. Foiling is a science of lift, efficiencies and hydrodynamics and it doesn’t make sense to have the exact same setup for a 100-pound beginner as a 200-pound expert.

Adjustable is stronger and more secure:

When compared to boards with a fixed Tuttle box, the mounting plate used in Slingshot’s track system spreads load and torque over a larger area. It’s a stronger, more secure connection with four bolts to keep your foil secure instead of just one in a Tuttle system.