The Best Twin Tip Freeride Kiteboard | 2020

What makes the best twin tip freeride kiteboard?


Versatility is the most important characteristic when looking for the best freeride kiteboard. It should have plenty of grip and pop for freestyle and boosting, while remaining forgiving in the chop, slashy in the swell, and efficient when carving upwind. If you’re the type of rider who likes to dabble in all disciplines of kiteboarding and wants one board that can be used for everything, this is the board category for you.


Freeride boards feature:

Versatile performance:

• Medium rocker: The ideal compromise between poppy freestyle feel, board speed, upwind ability and performance in the chip
• Medium flex: Best for all-around riding and versatility
• Bottom contour/channeling: Provides grip, speed, and pop, helps break the surface tension
• Slightly tapered and rounded tips/tail: Best shape for all-around performance- plenty of pop while maintaining upwind and carving ability.


In Slingshot’s lineup, the boards that best fit this description are the Misfit, the Widowmaker, and the Vision.