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The Best Wakestyle kiteboard | What makes it for 2019

What makes a good Wakestyle kiteboard?


Slingshot riders Sam Light and Karolina Winkowska dominate every park setting in the world and fill you in on what features make the best wakestyle kiteboard for them.

Our Men’s Version is inspired by Sam Light – The Refraction.


Our Women’s Version is inspired by Karolina Winkowska – The Karolina Pro

Additional Info:

While a dedicated wakestyle board will perform quite well for general free-riding, it really excels under riders focused on unhooked tricks, flat water freestyle, kickers, rails and sliders, and cross-over use in cable parks. With more focus on pop and less focus on chop, a wakestyle board will be stiff, with high rocker, and a squared off tip and tail. Bottom contour is designed to minimize the chances of catching an edge on a rail or slider, especially in the tip and tail when locked into presses. A thicker slider base adds weight but is important for durability, especially if it’ll be used in a slider park or as a crossover cable board.

Wakestyle boards feature:
• Stiff flex: Maximizes pop and best handles aggressive, powered-up riding
• High rocker: Softens flat landings and has a loose, washy feel on the water
• Squared tip/tail: More pop
• Slider base: Important for durability with kickers, rails, sliders and cable parks
• Bottom contour: Designed to minimize catching an edge on features

In Slingshot’s lineup, the boards that best fit this description are the Refraction and the Karolina Pro.