Spencer Front Wing Flip

The Dart Wing Foiling Wing – The Reviews Are In

Raving Reviews on the Dart V1

The best dealers and partners around the world have reviewed the Dart V1 and weighed in on its performance as the BEST INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED WING on the market. 

The Dart V1 wingsurfing wing is an animal all its own. Speed records are being set and hang time is being counted.  The Spencer brothers in Maui conquered the first backflip and then the frontflip on the Dart V1. If you are done drifting down swell and want to take your wing straight to the stratosphere, pushing boundaries in every dimension…grab a Dart and set your target.  

WHY WE MADE IT: Winging is entering a new phase of radical maneuvers and our team riders were ready to escape the monotony of wings made primarily for drifting. The Dart was designed specifically for, HIGH SPEED, HUGE JUMPS, and BACKFLIPS. 

The Dart’s Delta shape provides riders lightning-fast acceleration and the ability to penetrate into the wind to meet any swell, anywhere, with full power.  The massive hangtime and loft our team demanded when jumping this wing is a result of the differential pressure rolling over the huge LE and into the extended dihedral canopy.  We also wanted a wing with a shorter wingspan to help out or shorter riders and allow the wingtips to clear the water in next-level spins and flips.

WHY YOULL LOVE IT: You are a winger that has put in your hours and is ready to take it to the next level of tricks and riding.   

  • Harness line attachment points: You might need to hook in to bring that heart rate down 
  • Soft Neoprene under LE Handle:  Prevents knuckle rub while luffing  
  • Handles free from rough seams:  For a smooth long ride 


Tim Tiscornia, one of our favorite Brand Ambassadors talks with Wyatt Miller about the Dart V1.

Houston Kiteboarding

One of the best shops in the South. It is one of the largest kiteboarding and hydrofoiling schools and retailers in the USA.  They love anything wind-powered and everything involving hydrofoils including, kite, wake, windsurf, and surfing hydrofoils. 

 REAL Watersports

Matt Nuzzo, throws down a great review on the Dart V1 with Team rider, James Jenkins.