Sentry Kite Control bar

The NEW Slingshot Sentry Control Bar – Patented Technology


The all-new Sentry V1 control system brings forward Slingshot’s patented “Center of the Universe” technology.

The invention’s origin stemmed from when kites used safety depower systems that suffered from many drawbacks.

  • The possibility that the kite will not adequately depower,
  • The significant chance that the lines will become tangled,
  • Difficulty in relaunching the kite after it has been depowered.
  • How to restrain one of the flying lines while allowing slack in the remaining lines. 

With all these issues in mind the Slingshot team went to work, and in 2011, applied for a technology patent that resolved many of the above safety issues. These Slingshot innovations established state-of-the-art industry safety standards that have been integrated into kite bars across the industry today.

Current “Center of the Universe” patent licensees include:

  • Reedin Kites

We expect many more brands will soon follow suit.


Fast forward to 2020, we have integrated some of the very original features from the patent plus a whole lot more knowledge into the invention of the NEW Sentry Control bar. 


The Sentry bar integrates your flagging line through your depower lines. It is completely streamlined so you have a clear field of view. This layout will also help preserve the lifespan of your flagging line and the efficiency of your safety release.