sUPWINDer fin

The NEW sUP WINDer Fin Can Turn ANY Hard SUP into a Wingsurf Board

The sUP WINDer from Slingshot is the first of its kind stick on keel.

It installs in minutes transforming your SUP board into an efficient wingsurfing board.

Transcribed from Video: 

Hey everybody, I am Wyatt Miller, Slingshot’s brand manager for windsurfing and wing foiling. I’m here to introduce you to the Slingshot sUP WINDer, stick on A box with keel fin. In this video I am going to show you how to apply this keel to your hard SUP board to give it new life and turn it into an awesome winging board. What the sUP WINDer does is allows you to actually stay upwind on your old standard SUP. So, if you’ve got a SUP board laying around and you want to give it new life, go way faster than you’ve ever paddled before AND combine it with a new SlingWing here’s how.  This stick on fin when applied to your board helps you so that you can make it back to the same point you launched from and stay upwind with the new handheld Wings. 

STEP 1. Remove the keel fin from stick on A box, notice the 3m backing.

STEP 2. Center the sUP WINDer at 75 centimeters from the middle of the rear fin track. There are center line indicators on the sUP WINDer but you still need to find the center line of your board. Tie a string and loop around the rear fin. Pull string all the way to the center point of the nose. Tape it down and that gives you your center line and helps you line everything up straight.

STEP 3. Clean area with rubbing alcohol. Make a mark at 75 centimeters. Remove string.

STEP 4. Fold edges up on the sides to make a good crease, this will keep them out of the way. Remove the sticky back and press the hard centerpiece down firmly. Triple check for straightness then work from the inside to outside to push the edges down and remove bubbles.

STEP 5. Wait for the adhesive to set (preferably 12 hrs.) before submersing into water.

Step 6. Now the A Box is on the board. Remove the rear bolt, put the nut in the track slide and slide the  center keel in and screw it down.