The Phantasm Carbon Hydrofoil Kite Range – Behind the Design of the 3 Different Packages

The Phantasm Carbon Kite Hydrofoil line has three separate packages to choose from. 


A hydrofoil system is one of the most dynamic pieces of equipment that a waterman can use, and arguably the most innovative piece of equipment to emerge in the past few years.  Never before have all watersports been connected in this way where one common piece of equipment links them all.  The Hydrofoil has revolutionized each of the sports that it has touched and now the Phantasm Foil Platform from Slingshot will revolutionize the way we think about this incredible tool. 

“How you ride defines what you ride.”  – Tony Logosz

This mantra is something that the whole Phantasm Carbon Line was developed around.  This modular plug and play, build your own system is the future of the sport and supports the evolution of your foiling progression.  

The Phantasm allows you to choose exactly how you want to ride by offering a product based on your foiling needs rather than the other way around.  Many brands offer foils built for the masses and how they “think” you ride.

The Slingshot Phantasm Line is built specifically for YOU, the unique individual, and can be customized to YOUR riding style. 

It allows you to opt into exactly what you want from your foil.

It allows you to do this while offering the most state of the art technology and construction techniques offered in a foil system.

The Phantasm Line brings with it the stiffest and strongest mast in the industry; the Double-Shot 12k Carbon Mast.   It features the most premium carbon as well as the highest-grade aluminum alloy fuselage – this foil will last as long as your foiling addiction.