The Space Mob Exploratory Series – Designing for the Future

An EXPLORATORY series of wakeboards in partnership with SPACE MOB. 

We’ve been busy behind the scenes these past few seasons with the Space Mob, pushing wakeboard designs into the future and for 2023 we’ve hit the jackpot!

The hype surrounding our ALL-NEW Space Rover and Space Melter boards in partnership with the Mob is at an ALL-TIME-HIGH

Meet the 2023 Space Rover

“It’s by far THE BEST directional wakeboard that has ever been made…”

— Slingshot Pro Rider Wesley Mark Jacobsen on the 2023 Space Rover


Landing now on a planet near you, the 2023 Space Rover is the 4th rendition of our all-purpose wake-park directional in collaboration with the Space Mob. It’s a symmetrical directional design built for trendsetters who aren’t afraid to be the first of their kind, blazing a new path into the future of wakeboarding… for all of mankind. 

  • Directional Outline
  • Sizes 150cm / 165cm
  • Chined Rails
  • Ultra-Soft Nose Flex
  • Exaggerated Nose Rocker

Meet the 2023 Space Melter

  • Symmetrical Snow Inspired Outline
  • 165cm
  • Extreme Nose and Tail Scoop
  • Ultra-Soft Tip and Tail Flex
  • Chined Rails


An all-new, futuristic twin tip from the Space Mob, the 2023 Space Melter has a snow-inspired  “p-nut” outline. “In the future, all wakeboards will look this way” is the word on the streets from the most progressive wake-park riders in the game. Put the Space Melter on your feet and completely reinvent your riding style! 

The feeling you get when riding both of the shapes is an entirely new standing-sideways experience on the water. It’s exploratory, it’s invigorating and REFRESHING. Both the Space Melter and Space Rover deliver a whole new experience on the water that has all sorts of riders begging for another lap. The video below is evidence of such. 

‘I’m normally a straight-up cable guy, but these boards made me want to try new things… like butters.” 

— Slingshot Videographer and Rider Steffen Vollert on the 2023 Space Rover & Melter Boards

Watch as “senior” team riders Steffen Vollert and Jeff McKee step back in front of the lens on this new series of boards to unleash a new-found energy for park riding! 

“In the future all boards will be built this way…”

— Slingshot Pro Rider Quinn Silvernale on the 2023 Space Melter & Space Rover

“It’s Totally Nectar”

— Pro Snowboarder Zeb Powell on the 2023 Space Melter 

Zeb Powell is a frequent Valdosta Wake Compound visitor and is unofficially the best snowboard/wakeboard crossover athlete we know. When he wakeboards it only makes sense that it looks like snowboarding on water, so we hooked him up with a Space Melter to see what he thought! Give his latest video a whirl (below) to get the full story: