Victor Salmon at Thai Wake Park Korat

Video : TournaMENTAL – The Korat Open with Victor, Carro and Bobby


We don’t define our brand as being focused on competition – instead we’re focused on fun as the top priority. Fun breeds creativity and skills are developed as a result (most of the time). In several cases these skills become so great that they must be utilized in a contest to capture large amounts of cash currency in order to support more fun. Get it? Haha. Plus these international events are great places to catch up with friends from around the world and have the chance to ride together / laugh together / eat all the free food together. The Korat Open would be the first look at Thailand’s newest cable park – TWP Korat – the event was scheduled – the riders were going, and Steffen was dying for an escape from the cold German winter…So onto the flight he went. The mission: To gather as much intel as possible about whether or not Slingshot team riders like Victor Salmon , Carro Djupsjö , and Bobby Grant could potentially be the new champions of the wakeboarding world.


TournaMENTAL is a deep dive into the minds of these three riders to see how and what they do different when it comes to the world of wakeboarding competition.
-Team Sling


Victor’s setup:  Slingshot Coalition with KTV boots.
Bobby’s setup: Super Grom with Shredtown Boots
Carro’s setup: Contrast with Jewel Boots