Wakesurf Foil Academy Reviews

Wakesurf Foil Academy Reviews are in- IT WORKS!

When we launched Foil Academy about a year ago, we knew we were filling a huge void. Over the last few years, foiling has exploded around the world, across multiple watersports. Brands and
manufacturers- both big and small- have taken advantage of the momentum, and in turn, have made foiling accessible to the masses, while innovations in materials, designs and learning methods have made foiling more approachable than we ever imagined a decade ago. But they’re still not easy to use, and until Foil Academy, there was no comprehensive source of information or instruction to teach people how to use this technical piece of equipment.

We created Wakesurf Foil Academy for the sport, for everyone, for all brands, in the spirit of progression and exploration. We wholeheartedly believe foiling will change watersports as we know them, and it’s our calling as innovators and dreamers to plant seeds, water them and see what grows. After a year, we’ve had about 10,000 students go through Foil Academy! As a free course, we knew it would be popular, but that’s an enormous number that goes to show just how hungry people were for information and instruction.

Don’t take our word for it. Here are a few of the hundreds of reviews we’ve received from people who have benefited from Foil Academy.


“Nailed it! Super cool course on how to get up and going AND keep improving your foil technique. Super stoked that these guys are prepared to share their knowledge. I had my first runs on the Slingshot Wake foil on the weekend and (yes, stoked!) and it is clear that their years of experience have paid off in bringing a well-rounded product that is easy to ride and progress on, to the market. Love your work Slingshot! Keep em coming.” – Andrew Allen

“Great course to get up and learning fast. Wish I had been able to watch this last year when I first got my rig. Fortunately, it was still worth watching for some additional tips I had not previously heard. The courses are paced well and nicely goal driven. Definitely a great way to pick-up foiling.” – Piere Wolff

“Very useful! Not as hard as I feared. Foiling looked pretty intimidating, and I’ve still got a long way to go. But the instruction detail was just about right and by following the steps I was able to get up and foil around on the taxi stage mast with minimal effort. So far so good!” – Allen Light

“Essential to having a foil. This simple and relatively quick course was great for learning the basics and more about the Wake Foil. Everyone who has, or is interested in purchasing the Wake Foil should definitely take the few minutes to review the course – plus it’s free which is awesome.” – Jenny Simmons

“Great course. This was an awesome way to learn about the sport. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together!” – Tim Reicker