Wakesurf foiling – Top 10 FAQ

As the leader in foil boarding,  we get asked a lot of questions about wakesurf foiling.  We asked our customer service team to compile a list of the most frequently asked questions they get about wakesurf foiling.  Here are your Top 10 FAQ for Wakesurf foiling.

1. How hard is it to learn?

While foiling certainly adds a new layer of complexity to riding, learning isn’t all that difficult if you have decent board skills and start with a short mast. Across all disciplines of foiling, learning behind a boat or jetski is probably the easiest; it’s how we recommend kite, surf, windsurf and SUP foilers learn the basics if they have access to a watercraft. If you go through Foil Academy and start with the 15” mast, you’ll be feeling the freedom of flight in no time.

2. How dangerous it?

Foils are sharp, there’s no getting around it. They need to be, for efficiency and performance. So yes, there’s definitely a level of risk that comes with it. But if you take precautions (like wearing a full
wetsuit, booties, a helmet and an impact vest or PFD), the risks are minimized, and once you get  over the learning curve, they drop dramatically. Starting with a short mast makes learning a ton
safer as well.

3. Can kids to it?

Of course, this depends on the parents, the individual and his or her athleticism and board skills, but yes, kids can do it. We’ve seen groms up and foiling on their first try. It’s as much about managing the risks of learning to foil as it is learning the muscle memory, which we find kids pick up exceptionally fast. Regardless of age, a short mast and all the safety gear are musts.

4. Can surf the wake with it?

Yes, but it’ll take some time, you may want to check out our bigger surf wings. Be ready to put in some time on the foil before you’re ready to surf with it. Once you’re ready, the stock wing that comes with the Hover Glide FWake package may or may not work depending on your weight and the boat and size of the wake you’re trying to surf.

5. Should I use foot straps?

Nope, no reason unless you’re ready for jumps, flips and 360s. The last thing you want when you crash is to get your feet stuck in straps.

6. Is it really worth the cost?

The Hover Glide Foil Wake package is one-size fits all, it can be used behind any boat and in any water condition. That means one setup for everyone in the boat, and you don’t have to worry about
your session getting ruined because of rough water. Foiling speeds are slower and you can ride a lot longer since there’s basically no drag on the water. More fun for everyone- to us that’s well worth
the cost.

7. How good of a wakeboarder to I need to be?

A general guideline is, if you can wakesurf you’ll be in good shape. If you don’t have that frame of reference, not to worry; decent wakeboarding (or even waterskiing) skills and good balance is a
good starting point.

8. Is learning with a short mast really necessary?

Yes, yes and yes. It’s much safer and you’ll save a ton of time, pain and frustration if you start with a short mast first. The Hover Glide Foil Wake package comes with two masts so you’d be silly not to
start with the short one first.

9. Where do I store the set-up?

When fully assembled it’s an awkward shape that will take up half your seating area. But not to worry, the foil detaches from the board in less than a minute (just four screws), the mast detaches
from the foil just as quickly, the package comes with a padded foil and mast sleeve for storage and the board is the same basic shape as a wakesurfer. It has been designed to fit in most board racks as well.

10. How do I get started?

Easy, check out Foil Academy . It’s free!  There’s a wake-specific course that covers all the basics you need to know to learn how to foil. It’s free, full of useful information and guaranteed to save you time and energy on the water.