Things have been pretty busy for me lately, finishing up school and taking a few trips has kept me moving all the time.  I am finally fully recovered from a freak accident a few months ago where i managed to cut my hand up pretty well. Had a great trip up to Squamish BC in early November and got some good riding at Sherman Island in California just after.  I’m back at home now, its starting to get cold but winter is bringing some big waves to our coast and hopefully soon snow to the mountains.  My main goal for the rest of the winter is getting to ride Nelscott reef, one of the biggest waves on the west coast. Just last weekend the nelscot reef tow competition was held in newport with 40’+ waves.  Unfortunatly there was no wind, but theres swell on the forcast so hopefully I will get another shot at it this winter.  If it all lines up it could be epic!


Thanks and peace out!

Tucker Sherman