Which Hover Glide Foil Package Should You Get For Winging?

Wing Surf foiling has taken over! It offers the opportunity to experience the water and the wind in a safe and easy way for all. Our Slingshot Customer Loyalty Specialists get asked daily, “What foil package is right for me?” Here is your answers on each of the Slingshot foil packages that can be used for Wing Surfing. 


Hover Glide FWing Foil Package

FWING – By far our easiest package to learn on.  The wide wingspan gives tons of rail to rail stability.  It will lift onto foil at the slowest speeds.  You really only need to hit 5-7kts of board speed to pop onto foil.  It also has the lowest stall speed, so you can slow way down in a transition and still foil out.  This package is also great for teaching newbies to foil behind any power or SUP riders in very small waves.  Drawbacks would be a low top speed, and being much too big for any jumping.

Package Includes: Package includes: 71cm (28”) mast, pedestal, shift fuselage, Infinity 99 front wing, 48cm rear wing.

Hover Glide FSup Foil Package

FSUP – This is also a great choice for the first time winger.  The takeoff speed is only slightly higher than the FWING.  At 7-8kts of board speed you should pop right up.  It has the benefits of a looser feeling and much better carving than the FWING.  It is just small enough to withstand your first small jumps.  This is a great intro wing for medium to lighter riders or those wanting a wing that crosses over well to wake and SUP.  This is also the choice for riders coming from other windsports backgrounds who expect to progress quickly and understand how to generate speed and power from the wind. 

Package Includes: 71cm (28”) mast, pedestal, Shift fuselage, Infinity 84cm front wing, 48cm rear wing,

Hover Glide FSUP hydrofoil

FSURF – The FSURF is really for more advanced riders in windy areas and is not recommended as your first wingfoil setup.  You will need about double the wind speed and board speed compared to the FWING to get this smaller front wing to lift.  Once up and riding it is significantly faster with top speeds over 25kts.  It is great for jumping and carves hard and precise.  It is also a great foil for prone, wakefoil and SUP in medium to big waves and beginner/light wind kite foilers.

Package Includes:  71cm (28”) mast, pedestal, shift fuselage, infinity 76cm front wing, 42cm rear wing.