Which Hydrofoil package is best for you – Hover Glide FWake vs FSurf | 2020

Which Hydrofoil package is best for your boat?



We’re often asked what the differences are between the Hover Glide FWake and FSurf hydrofoil packages and which option is best. As with choosing most gear, there’s not really a right or wrong answer, but we can definitely get you pointed in the right direction.

You’re ready to commit to buying a foil setup for the boat, but after looking through the range of different packages, individual wings, masts and components out there, you’re not sure exactly which setup is best for your size and skill level, riding style and the wake your boat puts out.

Here’s a breakdown of a few key differences between the FWake and FSurf packages. It’s worth pointing out, both of these are part of a modular Hover Glide system, which means you can always add alternate wings, longer or shorter mast and other components to your setup to achieve the combination that’s right for you.


The technical differences:


FWake package includes:

  • 4’10” WF2 Soft top foil board- Shaped like a wakesurfer with a soft EVA foam top that’s extremely durable and comfortable underfoot. It also gives riders unlimited stance options which is important if dad and the kids are all sharing one board! The WF2 has a foil track mount, inserts to add foot straps, and FCSII surf fin boxes so it can be used for foiling and traditional wakesurfing.
  • Gamma 68 (H2) Front Wing- Medium-sized wing, relatively flat, very stable, versatile and user-friendly
  • 46cm and 61cm masts – Comes with two masts to help with learning and progression. The shorter is easier and more forgiving to learn with, progress to the longer when you’re ready.


FSurf package includes:

  • 4’10” WF1 hard shell foil board shaped like a wakesurfer, EVA foam deck pads, foil track mount, inserts for foot straps, FCSII fin boxes PLUS surf fins.
  • Infinity 76 wing- A large-format wing with lots of lift, glide and pumpability
  • 61cm mast- Just the right length for tapping into the energy of the wave when surfing
  • Shift fuselage- an upgraded fuselage that allows for different mounting options between the mast and fuselage to further tune the performance of the foil (beyond what the foil track mount on the bottom of the board allows).



The functional differences:


FWake Package:

  • Versatile, beginner-friendly setup designed to get riders of all shapes, sizes, ages and skill levels up, foiling and having fun as quickly as possible.
  • Learning with a soft top board and a shorter mast takes a lot of the fear factor away and makes a big difference in progression
  • Possible to let go of the rope and surf the first, second, and even third wave back once you get the hang of it.
  • Flat wingspan gives the foil a stable, locked-in feel
  • The best setup for on-the-rope riding, carving and cruising
  • The better crossover foil for kiteboarding than the FSurf package


FSurf Package:

  • A big wing with tons of lift and a crazy amount of “pumpability”
  • Experienced riders can surf the 5th and even 6th wave back
  • Large surface area can be harder to maneuver for small/light riders but has more lift for XL riders
  • Longer mast puts foil in the sweet spot for surfing
  • Perfect crossover setup for paddle-in surf foiling in the waves


Other considerations:


We recommend the FWake if:

  • You want a versatile, user-friendly setup for yourself, family, friends and anyone who wants to try foiling
  • You have a dedicated wake/surf boat and want to carve big wide turns with the rope AND surf up to the 3rd wave back.
  • You want a single setup you can use for everyone on the boat, foiling and wake surfing.
  • You want a setup you can use for casual kite foiling as well


We recommend the FSurf if:

  • Your focus is wake surf foiling, pumping and exploring the area behind the boat without a rope
  • You already know how to foil, have a foil board and aren’t worried the learning process
  • You have an outboard with a small wake and really want to be able to surf
  • You’re a heavier rider (200lbs and up) who could really use the extra surface area and lift
  • You’re a paddle-in surfer who wants a setup you can take into the waves as well

Hopefully this helps nail down your decision. If you’re still undecided, feel free to give our customer service team a call or an email. We’re happy to talk gear whenever we get the chance: 509-427-4950 or info@slingshotsports.com