Who Is Dylan Miller

Slingshot Wake Team: Who is Dylan Miller?

Slingshot Wake Team: Who is Dylan Miller?

 A member of the Slingshot wake team, Dylan Miller is a man of many talents apart from the obvious for which he is quite famous. Dylan is also an incredible skateboarder, average hockey player, expert hat designer, amateur beat maker, semi professional photographer, expert car washer / closet organizer and oh so much more…press play to spend some time with one of the most popular wakeboarder in 2017! 

Who have you been riding boat with lately? 
Over the last couple weeks I’ve been riding with Dean Smith and Rusty Malinoski. They both ride lots so it’s nice getting out on a regular basis with those dudes.

What irritates you most about winching?
I really enjoy all aspects of it, sometimes it’s a pain in the ass getting everything set up but 9 out of 10 times it worth it.

You seem to be taking a lot of great photo’s lately. Did you do any formal training for this or just winging it?
Thanks! Yeah it’s been pretty fun learning how to shoot over the last couple years. Some friends helped me out to start then just trial and error from there on out.

What’s your roommate situation at the moment?
Right now it’s pretty empty Trevor Bashir is living here and Steffen Vollert is visiting for a while. Oh and my girlfriend lives here too.

Your pro model board the Solo was a home run in year one…Are you paying people to ride it or is it really just that good?
Hahaha yeah feedback from the Solo has been sick. I’m so happy with the way it rides behind the boat and in the park.

Dylan Miller and the Solo

How has your new gig with Heyday Boats been treating you? 
It’s been awesome helping them out at events and also getting to give input on boat designs. The boats are really sick and way cheaper than anything else out there. Stoked to be working with a company that is helping more people get involved in wakeboarding.

How many submissions a week do you get to the Wakezeach account? 
Anywhere from 2 to 20 it changes all the time. It makes it a lot easier finding good shit to post for sure hahaha.

You’ve built most every piece of furniture in your house…Ever consider starting a side biz? 
I’d like to build some stuff to sell but selling it is the hard part. Maybe I should start up a web store or something. I don’t know.

You’re filming a ton for Formats Film lately…When is it set to release and what can we expect from you?  If everything goes as planned it should be out by spring. I’m really stoked to see the finished product. The movie has a shit load of winching!

Alex Graydon: If you had $1,000,000 to spend on 1 item what would it be?  A successful business to keep that cash rolling in!

Aaron Gunn: If you could have 1 thing for the rest of your life, either the choice of being vegan or your pro model the solo which would it be?  I really don’t feel like eating meat right now so I guess vegan haha!

Wes Jacobsen: Will you marry me?  Yes

Carro Djupsjö: If you could change one thing in the industry of wakeboarding with the blink of an eye, what would it be?  Riders being rewarded more for what they do.

Chris Abadie: How does a country Canadian get into hip-hop?  Skateboard & wakeboard videos had a lot of hip hop in them while I was growing up. So I guess that’s how it started.

Quinn Silvernale: What are your thoughts on extraterrestrial / inter-dimensional beings?  I think they all live near VWC so it’s always a pleasure going to visit them.

Steffen Vollert: What are the Pros and Cons having Pro Wakeboarders as Roommates?  Pro -There is almost always someone to ride with.                                                      Con-They all like hummus as much as me. So it’s a hot commodity in the fridge haha.