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The windfoil academy reviews are in- it works!

When we launched Windfoil Academy about a year ago, we knew we were filling a huge void. Over the last few years, foiling has exploded around the world, across multiple watersports. Brands and manufacturers- both big and small- have taken advantage of the momentum, and in turn, have made foiling accessible to the masses, while innovations in materials, designs and learning methods have made foiling more approachable than we ever imagined a decade ago. But they’re still not easy to use, and until Foil Academy, there was no comprehensive source of information or instruction to teach people how to use this technical piece of equipment.

We created Foil Academy for the sport, for everyone, for all brands, in the spirit of progression and exploration. We wholeheartedly believe foiling will change watersports as we know them, and it’s our calling as innovators and dreamers to plant seeds, water them and see what grows. After a year, we’ve had about 10,000 students go through Foil Academy! As a free course, we knew it would be popular, but that’s an enormous number that goes to show just how hungry people were for
information and instruction.

Don’t take our word for it. Here are a few of the hundreds of reviews we’ve received from people who have benefited from Foil Academy.

“This was an amazing start to a journey I would like to take. Thank you Tony, for your straightforward understandable lessons. Combined with wonderful, beautiful video. you and your team have done a wonderful job in helping people to learn to foil. all the best to you and your team.” — Tom Coyle

“I’m a long-time windsurfer who is thinking of giving foiling a try, but didn't want to buy a bunch of
expensive equipment without learning a bit more about the " learning curve" first. Foil Academy is a
great format and gave me a good feel for the difference between foiling windsurfing and standard
windsurfing, a good idea for the additional skill sets needed to foil successfully, and a detailed overview
of the equipment needed. I especially appreciated the tutorial videos about the step-by-step instruction
from foil windsurfing beginners to the more advanced lessons on set-up and jibing. Thanks so much for
the course. I really appreciate the efforts to share your experience with us in a such a great format. Cheers and happy foiling!” – Blake Auchincloss

“Great… Free..inspiration and well explained…Thank you and well done. Jeremy Litchfield

“Thanks for the great free tutorial. The learning curve is steep with the graduated mast system. It was 10
years since I had last windsurfed. I am windsurfing again for the very first time!” – James Kimball

“Absolutely amazing. This kind of info and lesson program is how you properly grow a sport for everyone. We here at
EXTREME WINDSURFING in New Jersey are 100% behind the foiling revolution.”


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