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Winging – How to Deep Water Start

Slingshot How To:

Deep Water Wing Foil Start

Hey guys, my name is Reed Brady, and I’m going to show you how to deep water start when wing foiling on the SlingWing and a foil board.  

I have been surf foiling with the High Roller 4’0 and wing foiling with the High Roller 5’2. The High Roller 5’2” is a 40-liter board and it works well with both the Hover Glide 99cm or 76cm hydrofoil wings. The High Roller is the perfect board to step up your wing foiling skills.


Here’s Your Key Steps To Deep Water Starting:

  1. Get to Deep Water.
  2. Place Knees on the Board
  3. Pump Your Wing to Generate Lift
  4. Pump Your Legs to Engage Foil