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  • Give your old pump new life (or keep your new pump feeling new) Best Kite Pump Advice and Maintain it Kite pumps are like sunglasses. It seems like every time I invest in a

  • Choosing the Best Wakeboard Boots | 2018   Open toe, closed toe, stiff or soft?  These questions and more are answered here. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good pa

  • What makes a good Wakestyle kiteboard?  People like Sam and Karolina who dominate every park setting in the world. Our Mens Version is inspired by Sam Light.   Our Wom

  • What makes a good freestyle kiteboard:  Power! Think of a freestyle board as a more aggressive freeride board, designed for versatility but built to be ridden powered up- w

  • What makes a good freeride kiteboard: Versatility is the most important characteristic of a good freeride kiteboard. It should have plenty of grip and pop for freestyle and

  • How to Choose the Best Kiteboard for Beginners First and foremost, just because a board is classified as a good “beginner” board, that does not mean it’s only good for begi