Carlos Marion wins 2017 WKL title, Youri Zoon is second

Carlos Mario’s dream of becoming a world champion has finally come true.

With a final win in New Caledonia Dec. 14-20, the humble Brazilian prodigy and Slingshot team rider secured the inaugural World Kiteboarding League championship over a packed field of the best freestyle kiteboarders on the planet.

Although a lifetime achievement for Mario, the win didn’t come as much of a surprise for the rest of the field, or anyone who had witnessed him compete throughout the series. Mario’s jaw-dropping amplitude and technical ability went unmatched by any other rider, and as the series went on, it became obvious that Mario was setting a new standard for the future of competitive freestyle kiteboarding.

“When we talk about Carlos Mario, the reaction is always the same- a shake of the head and an utter disbelief for his savage talent,” said Alex Fox, Slingshot Kiteboarding brand manager. “Mario’s pursuit for the title hasn’t been easy. He comes from the humblest of origins and has faced a plethora of challenges on his road to victory. The fact that he overcame such adversity makes his victory even sweeter.”

Over the last few years Mario has shown an uncanny ability to not only progress technically, but to evolve as a competitor and manage the often unseen challenges of traveling the world tour. He joined the tour three years ago, as a wide-eyed teenager who had hardly traveled outside of his home village of Cauipe Lagoon.

“The challenge for a young rider like Mario is not limited to simply learning more tricks,” Fox said. “It’s also learning how to compete on a world stage. He has gone from an inexperienced rookie to the future of competitive freestyle kiteboarding. It has long been his dream to win the world title, and the fulfillment of that dream has made everyone at Slingshot proud.”

Mario competes with the Slingshot RPM kite and Vison board. Slingshot teammate Youri Zoon, who has two world titles under his belt, finished runner-up in the series and was on Mario’s heels at each contest. Zoon also uses the RPM.

Carlos Mario and Youri Zoon share a moment of congratulations together at the conclusion of the 2016 WKL finals.

WKL action picks pack up in April with the first contest of the 2017 season scheduled for April 11-17 in Leucate, France. More info at

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“At Slingshot we take great pride in knowing that the industry has chosen us for this accolade and to represent the sport of kiteboarding as a whole. Our continued focus of defining quality and defining style is a company wide dedication that spans over every single department. Without the hard work of everyone involved we wouldn’t be here today. A huge resounding thank you to all of our dealers, distributors and loyal customers who believe in us, support us, and drive us to continually push and challenge the status quo.

Thank you for everything.

See you on the water!”


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VOTE NOW: Chris Abadie for X Games #RealWake

The Real Wake event is back in 2016 and 2X gold medal winners Chris Abadie and Andrew Adams are counting on you to help them defend their titles as the overall winner as well as fan favorites! The boys loaded up in the Shredtown RV immediately following the Shredtown Jamboree and took to the streets to shoot at never before seen riding locations and produced one hell of a video segment. Click the link below to see the edit and show some love to the Shredtown Crew!

Vote for Chris Abadie

additional info:

Real Wake, the all-wakeboarding video contest brought to you by the World of X Games and MasterCraft, is back. The Fan Favorite portion of the contest is a one-round, winner-take-all cage match. Watch the videos below and vote for your pick to win. Voting ends on Sunday, July 31, at 11:59 p.m. PT.

The behind-the-scenees stories on the making of this contest will broadcast in an hourlong “World of X Games” show on ABC, Saturday, July 30 at 2:30 p.m. ET/1:30 p.m. PT. Winners of the judge-awarded X Games gold, silver and bronze medals will be announced on the ABC broadcast. The Fan Favorite will be announced on on Monday, August 1.

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The Renovation Returns on July 26th, 2016

Team Slingshot is back at it again for the Renovation 2016 this time it’s hosted at the beautiful Hipnotics Cable Park in Antalya, Turkey. Team Riders Dylan Miller, Antoine Allaux, and Steffen Vollert teamed up to create a sick custom setup throughout the park challenging team Humanoid and team Jobe in several different categories including the best setup, best line, best riding overall, and more…

Words by Steffen Vollert:

“Imagine you had an entire wake park to yourself and could do whatever you want …Guided by this idea I invited some of the best park riders to take over one of my favorite wake parks, ‘renovate’ its setup and create amazing video and photo content.

With the addition of a third team we made the Renovation even bigger and more fun. We can’t wait to share all the great images with you really soon. After a week of hard work and sick riding the teams will now battle it out in four voting categories.”
– Voting begins on Tuesday the 26th of July at 7PM CET –


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2016 Plastic Playgrounds @ Liquid Leisure

Watch  Aaron Gunn’s Winning Run from Plastic Playgrounds

Plastic Playground 2016 1st place – Aaron Gunn from AirDog on Vimeo.

We’re stoked to congratulate Aaron Gunn on taking the Pro Men’s title for the 2016 Plastic Playgrounds event! It was our first time visiting the Liquid Leisure park for this event and we have to say that the course is incredible as is the facility. There are loads of features stacked one after another giving the riders loads of different options as far as different lines and combo’s through the park. It was unreal watching the finals go down in person as every single rider was locking into every obstacle. It was as if someone was operating the competitors with a video game controller as they all locked in perfectly to every obstacle, held their presses like robots and just seemed to master the course all around.  The team was on point but unfortunately James Windsor and  Victor Salmon popped the handle in their semi’s runs to miss the cut.  Still their riding was nothing short of amazing as you can see from the videos below.  Gunn however was able to power through round after round perfecting each and every hit and then finishing off his run with a backside 9 off the kicker to seal the deal.

Also in the girls 10-13 division was Slingshot Spain ripper Telma Cester who managed to score a podium finish representing on the Super Grom, Max Cuckney scored a 2nd place finish in the boys 10-13 division on the Reflex and Dan Baerselman took top spot on the podium in the Mens 18-29 division riding the Terrain! These amatuer divisions were stacked full of rippers from all over the globe – It’s refreshing to know that the future of cable wakeboarding is in good hands with riders like these!






Congrats to the entire #slingshotwake crew for their efforts at the event and thank you so much to the Liquid Leisure Park and the crew from Airdog Auto Follow Drones for capturing the teams runs from above!

Victor Salmon At Plastic Playgrounds

James Windsor at Plastic Playgrounds

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The 2016 Shredtown Jamboree

The 2016 Shredtown Jamboree from Shredtown on Vimeo.

Considering it’s success in year 1 there were large shoes to fill when it came to the 2nd Shredtown Jamboree, but thanks to our incredible team  it’s safe to say we took this event to new heights in 2016! To say it was a “team effort” would be an understatement when it came down to it. The Shredtown Crew spent endless days on the barge sledging, sawing, screwing, tanning, starving and painting away to make sure the Jamboree went above and beyond expectations in its 2nd year and the result was nothing short of that when 25 of the best park riders in the world showed up to the ranch and laid eyes on the park with grins from ear to ear. Three days of non stop action with the team went by all too fast as everyone came together to create an array of entertainment both on and off the water.

We’re incredibly stoked on all the footage and media exposure surrounding the event and want to send out a special thanks to the entire team for their efforts! Especially Mr. Steffen Vollert who absolutely killed it on the event edit working all hours of the day and night alongside teammates Andrew Adams, and Jeff McKee to make sure the production of this event was a success!

Does anyone else have the post Jamboree Blues? The good news is there’s always next year…

-Team Slingshot Wake

– Photo Gallery – imagery: Bryan Soderlind


Welcome to Shredtown: The Hollywood of Wake


Chris Abadie going down during a road gap session


Andrew Adams giving the guys a tour of the Park


AA welding up the road gap handrail

2016 Shredtown Jamboree DAD Cam from Vanthof Media on Vimeo.


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King of Water Sports talks Slingshot’s “Game-changing foil program”

Here’s another rave review about our new Hover Glide foil and our multi-mast Foiling Flight School package, this time from our friend Justin at King of Water Sports. 

After the release of the Slingshot Alien Air and Lift NF2 last season it was going to be hard to follow, and with rumblings earlier in the year that Slingshot had some new foiling concept in the pipeline I had been waiting with baited breathe that Slingshot, who pretty much always produces incredible products, would come to the market with a game-changing foil program.

Let me tell you, that’s exactly what they have done!

Being able to foil already made me super excited to see the Flight School program. Working on the retail side, it’s hard to get the enthusiasm to convert to sales, as foiling really is quite scary for people, and teaching yourself is a bit of a headache since you don’t quite know where to start.

Slingshot has taken all the stress out of this by offering a simple but effective answer! Shorten the mast.

Why we didn’t all think about this before is a mystery to me. The first stage of the flight school is a 15” Mast (38cm) called the Taxi. This mast is designed to really get you comfortable with handling a foil, how the foil reacts and those first stages of getting going.


This concept was tested with a few youngsters and basically within 20 mins they both had the feel dialed in. This is 100% genuine; we have video and photos to prove it.

What we really like about the is just how fast the process is with the Hover Glide. It’s pretty instant because the increased weight in the mast makes its very stable.  To effect the yaw of the Hover Glide, your input has to be quite heavy. This means, unlike full carbon masts, the Hover Glide gives you time to concentrate on finding that perfect balance point and get your weight distributed to the front foot once foiling.

A large percentage of people who will use this flight school package might wonder why they’ll need all the masts once they’re proficient foilers. The answer is, because they’ll give you many options beyond just learning. Yes, the masts will get you foiling and onto the longer masts pretty quickly, but once you’re there, why not drop it down a bit learn to tack and gybe without the heavy crashes, or to hone your downwind skills, or to try your first jumps and tricks. They’ll also be invaluable teaching tools for friends who will see you having all the fun and want to try.


The Hover Glide’s weight is something that has been discussed quite a bit. Unless you’re really keen on going really fast and racing, why do you need to have a super lightweight foil? The reason that the mast is heavy is simple: to give the rider more control and stability. It basically gives you time to correct your mistakes without it becoming twitchy and throwing you off like a rodeo bull. I

Overall there is really noting to fault with Hover Glide and the Flight School package. My biggest gripe is that it you have to buy footstraps as an extra.

More info:

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More rave Reviews for the WAVE SST

The guys over at International Kitesurf Magazine get to test more gear than most people could dream of. Here’s a detailed review on our dedicated surf and foil kite, the WAVE SST.

At A Glance

The new Wave SST from Slingshot is the first surf-orientated kite they have made, SST stands for Slingshot Surf Technology. The kite itself borrows DNA from the Rally and the RPM with a compact direct connect bridal and a Compact C canopy profile. It is, however, a totally new beast in its own right.

Slingshot have always been famous for their Surf Tough Construction and the Wave SST has been built with heavy conditions in mind. The canopy is made from a new heavy duty Rip Stop Surf Grid material and extra panels have been used in a gridded quilt pattern to provide unparalleled strength.

While it is built tough however, it is also light; three integrated SplitStruts help to reduce the overall weight. The IRS bridle that was launched on the new RPM has been tweaked specifically for the Wave SST. It’s been shortened so there is no danger of it wrapping around the tips if the kite gets rolled in the surf.

Back in 2004 Slingshot pioneered the One-Pump system, for 2016 a fast inflation valve has been added so pumping up the 8m takes no time at all. Kevlar reinforcements have been placed on the critical areas to ensure a long life and the kite is available in 4 sizes, 6m, 8m, 10m and 12m.

The Bar

Kite bars are important to me as a rider, you spend your entire session interacting with them and yet they are all so different. I’m always on the look out for the perfect bar, and the 2016 Compstick from Slingshot comes pretty close… In the past I’ve never really been a massive fan of below-the-bar depower set ups, so seeing a new quick release mechanism and an above-the-bar depower tweaked my interest early on. The floats are integrated into the bar horns and the whole set up feels very polished.

The new Sentinel chicken loop release system is a push-away affair with a line twist module on the top. It works brilliantly and we can’t find fault at all here. The EVA grip on the bar is tougher than some on the market, but still very comfortable and the depower above the bar features a moveable trim block so you can lower it if you have short arms to ensure it is easy to reach.

Oh, and it’s got magnets… Yep MAGNETS! Best idea ever for keeping the depower rope tidy, where others use Velcro that inevitably snags the lines and eventually becomes less efficient Slingshot have used two magnets to ensure the depower rope stays where you want it to. The whole set up is fantastic, one of our favourite bars of 2016 so far…

In The Air

If you’ve ridden the Rally or the RPM then you might be surprised when you first fly the Wave SST, it is a totally different animal. First up the kite feels very solid in the air, even in gusty conditions it is well behaved and the IRS bridle works to smooth out the bumps in the air. The other impressive thing about the kite is the huge wind range it has.

I took the kite on a month long trip to Western Australia and the 8m was the only kite I took. We had it out in maxed conditions with full depower and also on days when riders were on 10’s and 12’s. The top end range of the kite is immense and the low end of the 8m is pretty good too. However, the kite does behave a little differently at either end of the wind range.

At the low end, we feel the kite performs at it’s best, which suits its wave credentials. When there is no depower engaged the kite is dynamic and responsive. When the kite is at the top of its range though you really need to engage a lot of positive bar input to initiate the turns and this can take some getting used to.

After a couple of days riding the Wave SST, we were dialled into it and it is very different from a lot of the wave kites we have flown. The throw on the bar is quite long, so as you hit the top turn sometimes it doesn’t depower as much as you might expect it to. These characteristics threw us off at first, but once we were in tune with the Wave SST, we began to fall in love.

Even maxed out if you put the correct amount of input into the bar you can have the kite flying around the window as you ride the wave. The steering became intuitive and the kite started to feel like an extension of our arm. Perhaps the most impressive thing though was the drifting abilities. This kite floats in the air like a balloon as the lines go slack and we had moments where we felt sure we were going to put it through the rinse cycle. Instead, it hung, as if suspended on strings, long enough for us to get the lines in order and engage the power once again.

We took the kite out on a twin tip, just to see how it behaved and discovered this is a thoroughbred machine as the name suggests. It does jump, and you can unhook with it, but it won’t set your world on fire unless you are ripping it up on a surfboard in some good swell. As the name suggests this kite is meant to be ridden in the waves and that is where it performs best.

It’s a fantastic park-and-ride wave kite, and once you are dialled into the handling it’s a very good turn and carve machine too. We think the Wave SST will suit a variety of riders, but be prepared to discover something a little different if you are switching from the Rally. The handling is quite unique.

Relaunch, as you would expect, is fantastic, we rolled it in the waves once (sorry Slingshot), but it came out smelling of roses and we didn’t get the bridle tangled at all. A bit of playing on the beach revealed there is pretty much zero chance of the bridle catching, so if you want to take this kite out of your comfort zone, you can rest assured it will have your back!


Huge top end wind range, dynamic handling at the lower end and amazing drift capabilities. One of the best bars on the marketplace right now compliments the kite to create a fantastic overall package.


Handling is a little slower at the top end of the range; this can be accounted for with more dynamic bar input though.


I was won over by the Wave SST during our few months with it, it’s a very different kite, but it does what it says on the tin exceptionally well. The drift and float down the line is very impressive for a kite that has been so well made. The bar is one of my favourites on the market at the moment, and this combined with an awesome kite makes for a compelling set-up!


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