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  • Foil Maintenance tips from Slingshot Sports If you’ve clicked through to this blog, we’ve got a pretty good idea that you know what’s coming. In short: FOIL MAINTENANCE IS

  • What’s the story behind THEY DONT KNOW SHOT? Slingshot Kiteboarding has been building kites, kiteboards and fun for almost 20 years. Among the countless lessons we’ve

  • The release of Slingshot's new Wake Foil board, the Wakefoiler, sets off a full blown Wake Foil frenzy seconds before liftof on the Wake Foil Developed out of a lifelong

  • TOUR THE WORLD. Some of you may have caught our latest ad campaign featuring our long-time team rider Karolina Winkowska, and we wanted to give you a little insight to the

  • Windsurf Foil Academy Overview Free learn-to-wind foil course covers everything you need to know After overwhelmingly positive releases of kite and wake Foil Academy, Sling

  • The Follow Up Interview: Sam Light dropped one of our favorite kiteboarding videos in a long time over the weekend. It featured some insane land gaps, long dock slides, mas

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