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  • Learning how to mount an Fsurf Fuselage with the right bolts is pretty important. If you use the wrong screws, your foil could come loose.   Losing a foil to the botto

  • Smart people learn from their SUP foil mistakes; even smarter people learn from the SUP foil mistakes of others.   We’re strong believers of that concept when it comes

  • How to choose the right SUP? Start with the category and then find the board. Much like buying a new car, if you’re in the market for a stand-up paddleboard, the first thin

  • Choose the right SUP for surfing. This may sound obvious, but if you want a SUP that can perform well in the waves, you want a wave-specific SUP. It’s not to say an open-wa

  • NOTE: Ideally the best first step to learning to SUP foil surfing is behind a boat. A boat or jet ski is like having a ski lift. Imagine learning to snowboard or ski by hik

  • Aluminum SUP foils vs Carbon SUP foils – Which is better? The Answer…we love them both. Here’s why. We are firm believers that foiling will connect waters

  • Eliminate SUP Foiling Fear.  Follow these five tips and you’ll be SUP foiling in no time.  If you’re just getting started with SUP foiling, we have some great news for you:

  • SUP hydrofoil maintenance tips If you’ve clicked through to this blog, we’ve got a pretty good idea that you know what’s coming. In short: SUP hydrofoil maintenance  IS IMP