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Sam Light Compares – 2019 NEW RPM vs Old RPM

We recognize that you might be addicted to kiteboarding (like us). Let’s do some facts checking on the NEW RPM vs the Old RPM.



We also understand you may be stuck at work dreaming about the new and improved hang time, faster handling all the other benefits you will experience with the new RPM.   More #BEANS right! So…we understand you may have to turn the audio off. That’s cool, and that’s why we transcribe the video. Your secret is safe with us.

Sam Light says it like this:

I’m going to pump up the old RPM, the new 2019 RPM. I’m going to compare both bridles and have a little fly.  

RPM Hoop Shape


I’ve just pumped up both kites. I’d like to add, that it’s imperative to get the right pressure in your kite. A lot of people’s kites I launch on the beach are really soft. You want to pump your kite up to about 10 psi. That’s pretty good drum sound. If you flick it, it should be like … That actually probably could have done with a few couple more pumps. But it makes a big difference, for big air if your kite is pumped up enough. So, make sure it’s pumped up to at least 10 psi.

Straight out of the bag, you get the kite on the beach. The first thing you notice about the different bridles is how much simpler the new FlyLine bridle is. There’s no confusion of which way round it goes, how do you set it up. It almost doesn’t matter how you pick up this pigtail. It just flips itself how it’s meant to be.



 If you want to do big air, this nine meter is the one. Nowadays, at the King of the Air, we pretty much hold onto our nine meters for as long as we can because it doesn’t often get that windy and we’ve just learned to ride nine meters in almost anything, like up to 40, 45 knots.

Sam Light RPM boost

Another feature that they introduced in the 2019 RPM is the D-2 Dacron.

d2 kite canopy

If you look closely at the trailing edge here, they’ve added D2 with the Diamon Leach technology for the longevity and durability. Nothing beats this combination for trailing edge flutter and wear.  

D2 Dacron fabric on kite trailing edge

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